Woman clothes Anotherwoman

Anotherwoman is a ladies brand from the Netherlands. You can buy this brand in the Netherlands, Belgium and in Germany.
Anotherwoman is a part of Sarto Fashion. This company excist since 1947 and is specialized in knitwear. We have 4 collections a year. Every delivery has it´s own colour card and fashion theme. In every collection you can find some fashionable ‘eyecathers’ but also some good basics in much colours. From our head office, which is settled in a small village called Winssen, we design, develop, control and deliver with proud our anotherwoman collection. Anotherwoman is a Dutch brand made for the fashionable woman. Clothes in size 36-46 which combines well. Clothes that are comfortable. Dress for every moment of the day. Clothing in which you feel good: feel good dressing!